web standards for accessibility and ease of maintenance

tailored maintenance support to meet your needs

So once your web site is up and running — what about keeping it up-to-date?

We design to current and future web standards for accessibility and efficient presentation.

We do not use automated, template driven systems for design. These expensive pieces of nonsense generate huge quantities of unnecessary code and are practically impossible to maintain. The only people who can do so are the people who produced it – and of course they charge for the time taken for amendments. This is the equivalent of the telephone support services – sell it cheap but make it complicated so they make money on all the telephone calls asking for explanations.

This is not only unethical it is expensive and unnecessary.

We use some automation but only to assist the hand-coded process, it is quick – we are experienced – it is clean and arrives in a browser window quickly. It meets web standards for presentation and for accessibility.

Some web sites can remain untouched for weeks or months, others need updating and amending every week – some, every day. This is why we tailor our maintenance support to meet your needs exactly.

For example, one client emails us every now and again with non-urgent changes to their web site. From another client we receive emails every day with changes to be made immediately.

We can provide a continuing search engine watch for your site – if its ranking in the search engine is important (it is not important for all websites).

One web site we have designed and that we maintain has contracted us to exercise full editorial control over the content. This they are happy to do because of our long experience and sensitivity to our customer’s needs.

Want to talk about it? No obligation: email us here.

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