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we can turn your existing data into a webpage

The web can be more than contact details, a list of products and services and more than even simple e-commerce.

It can give your business new and enhanced functionality and your customers access to information and services 24 hours per day, without needing to pick up the phone. We can develop web-based applications, giving you the opportunity to develop your web site into much more.

At it simplest level, you can create a list of products in simple document which your website can readily convert into up-to-date information for your visitors.

An on-line holiday accommodation availability table is a good example. See one at Cwmcroiddur here...

Intranet and extranet applications can allow your staff internal, cross-site and secure internet access to certain aspects of your business.

By understanding the protocols, servers and other underlying technologies, we can get much more out of the web. Obeying the standards keeps the web portable. Knowing the scripting languages and application frameworks, such as JavaScript, PHP, CGI and PERL, your site can become an application, rather than a static information base.

We are also in a position to offer web server configuration and support.

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